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"Smartphotos" by Wendy Dexter
A dandelion covered in dew drops at sunrise A white fence with a silhouette of trees at sunrise A raindrop hanging from a bright green plant A close silhouette of an Amish horse and buggy Storm clouds over the silhouette of a farm at sunset
"Smartphotos" by Wendy Dexter

Simple Beauty

Wendy Dexter's photography captures the simple beauty of the rural, American Midwest in splendid detail.

I am a classic late bloomer! I began taking photos with my cell phone a few years ago and started posting them on social media. I began to slow down and truly appreciate this rural part of Illinois that I call home. I try to bring positive energy to my posts with my photos. Life is so short and our lives are so busy dashing here and there. I am no expert photographer, but I was once married to one. He often said, after trying to explain F-stops and apertures to me, that I was just a "point-and-shoot photographer.

He was right. I am a point-and-shoot photographer. I share my pictures on social media to perhaps provoke a memory or to remind those who have moved away about their roots.

I hope you might find a few photos that you might want to see in your home. 

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