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"Smartphotos" by Wendy Dexter
"Smartphotos" by Wendy Dexter

A selection of Wendy Dexter's incredible photography can be purchased for display in your own home! Get the calendar to refresh your wall with a new photo every month, or purchase individual prints of your favorite pieces. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery. You may also contact her directly to arrange for a face-to-face purchase if you live in the Charleston, IL area.


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Shipping and handling to anywhere in the United States is $5 flat-rate for the first item and plus $1 for each additional item.



Note Cards: Landscapes

Four scenes, two cards of each scene, plus envelopes. Blank inside.

8 cards - $6

[Coming Soon]

note_cards_buggy_scenes_thumb.jpgNote Cards: Buggy Scenes

Four scenes, two cards of each scene, plus envelopes. Blank inside.

8 cards - $6

[Coming Soon]

christmas_cards_thumb.jpg Christmas Cards (Buggy Scenes)

Four scenes, two cards of each scene, plus envelopes. Blank inside.

8 cards - $7

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Pinky_the_Purrminator_book_cover.jpg"Pinky the Purrminator: Undercover Kitty"

Free shipping!

Pinky, the Purrminator is a very real rescue cat who lives in central Illinois. Her story is told from the viewpoint of life inside a rescue. She explains the importance of spaying and neutering and how the sights she saw impacted her life.

Pinky has a bucket list which contains only one item: She wants to be the first ever feline contestant on The Price Is Right so she can thank Drew Carey for supporting spaying and neutering. She leads her feline and canine friends on many adventures in an effort to raise money for her trip.

Hardback - $25

Paperback - $18


2023 Wall Calendar2023 Wall Calendar

$20 + S&H

The 2023 Wall Calendar is now available. And as a bonus, it includes January 2024, so you get to enjoy a "baker's dozen" of select WenDex photos.

Photos: Canvas Prints

Walnut Grove"Walnut Grove"

  • 11" x 16" - $45 + S&H
  • 16" x 20" - $65 + S&H

Photos: Professional Prints on Archival Paper

8" x 10" - $20 + S&H

"Icy sunrise"

"Coles county bins at sunset"

Double Rainbow Sunset

"Double Rainbow Sunset"

Pumpkin Field

"Pumpkin Field"

Prominent Petunia

"Prominent Petunia"

Rural Arcola

"Rural Arcola"

Wet Woolly Worm (Wide)

"Wet Woolly Worm (Wide)"

Intimidating Illumination

"Intimidating Illumination"

Shoe View

"Shoe View"

Raindrops IV

"Raindrops IV"

A horse-drawn hay trailer in front of a large, red barn

"Hay Haulers"

Dandelion Dew

"Dandelion Dew"

Grain Bin Bend

"Grain Bin Bend"

Raindrops III

"Raindrops III"

Bedazzled Beetle

"Bedazzled Beetle"

A group of young Amish women walking along the road

"Heading to Sunday night volleyball game"

Snow day Lake Paradise

"Snow day Lake Paradise"

Walnut Grove

"Walnut Grove"

Old Fence

"Old Fence"

Foggy Sunrise

"Foggy Sunrise"

"Sadorus sunset"

Sinking Sun

"Sinking Sun"

Amish Children

"Amish Children"



Horse and Buggy II

"Horse and Buggy II"

Foggy Sunrise 2

"Foggy Sunrise 2"

Wet Woolly Worm (Tall)

"Wet Woolly Worm (Tall)"

Toadstool in the Pines

"Toadstool in the Pines"

Yellow on Yellow

"Yellow on Yellow"

Harvest Road

"Harvest Road"

Infinity Fence

"Infinity Fence"

"Sunset, first day of Spring 2023"

Frosty Morning

"Frosty Morning"

Horse and Buggy

"Horse and Buggy"

Twin Lakes Paris

"Twin Lakes Paris"

Sunrise Reflection

"Sunrise Reflection"